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Download and Installation

Install IntroManiac with a Installation File,
it includes a deinstall Tool to remove
IntroManiac from your Hard Disc

Download Install.exe

Intro Maniac v0.67 (17.6MB)
Download the Install.exe and follow the
Instructions during the Installation process.
This ZIP package don't need to be installed!
just unpack the IntroManiac folder to any place
on your Hard Disc and have fun

Download Zip package

Intro Maniac v0.67 (17.3MB)
Download the zipped file and extract the archive
where ever you want.


Additional files

This Addon brings you 41 new
PostFX Shaders to push the
creativity for your Intro

IM Shader Addon #1

Just install the Shader Add On into
your existing DemoMaker Folder: