Welcome to Intro Maniac
The first wysiwyg Intro Maker for windows

Create your Intro without any programming experience
with a easy and intuitive interface within minutes.

Edit and modify your intro during the runtime. Export a single File Intro, all the external data were linked. Pack your intro with UPX to shrink the file size of your work

Feel back to the Amiga era, and create your Retro styled Intro for free.

Intro Maniac is freeware, now come back to your Childhood.


choose freely the desired screen resolution for your intro

3d Objects
Import and modify your own graphics and 3d objects, possible formats are 3ds, b3d and X.
Position the object free in the 3d space or resize it. Choose a Texture or use a shader to beautify your object.

Load a music, choose from a huge list of different replay routines.
Possible replayers are (C64)sid, Future Composer, FastTracker, ScreamTracker, Digitrakker and a lot more...

Write with the Included Editor your Scroll Texts and inform the World, or build up a Pager Text Screen to show your audience a whole screen full of text.


Full Screen Post Effect Shader
Use the internal Code Editor to write your own DirectX PostFX Shader with Microsoft´s High level Shader Language (HLSL).
You cant code, okay Intro Maniac comes with a lot of ready to use PostFX codes you can load, change and modify

Texture Shader
It is possible to write a Shader to skin your 3d Object to create a high quality texture with a very small size.

Vertex Shader
You can write a vertex shader to manipulate your 3d Object further. Create a Mesh twister or let it blink like chrome. Intro Maniac supports you with all important variables to create suchlike shader.